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Suggested text for soliciting content for the wiki

Hi, I'm writing to ask you if I can post this information on the VanagonWiki. is a community-created volunteer project to create, record and organize the best Vanagon-related information available to benefit the community of owners and lovers of these fine Volkswagen vehicles. You can learn more about our site at

Of course we would properly attribute this information to you and post a Universal Resource Locator (URL) pointing to the original source location. All information posted to the VanagonWiki is licensed for re-use and remixing under Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial Share-Alike license to ensure this information isn't commercialized by anybody but you. You can learn more about this license here:

May I have your permission to use this material? If you like, you may contribute this material yourself directly to VanagonWiki. Anybody is welcome to participate; just ask me how.