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There are 5 screws on the outside flue cover & exhaust holder = 2 minutes max.

Remove fridge door = 5 seconds. There are 5 (capped) screws that hold the fridge face plate on (what the fridge door hangs on) 30 seconds each ( = 2.5 minutes max), and the face plate just swings out (pull on right side)

There are 3 screws, 2 from under the sink that screw into the side of the fridge and one from the cabinet that holds the table leg, again about 2 minutes max. Now the fridge is loose.

Disconnect 2 wire sets from under the sink and the 110 volt plug = 1 minute.

Now I cheat as I have a flex hose from the copper propane tube (under the sink) to the back of the fridge, so I just unscrew 2 clamps (under the sink) and slip the hose off from the propane feeder line and the fridge slips out. (this step takes longer if one has to disconnect the propane from the back of the fridge, maybe 5 minutes or so for a contortionist)

I do have to bend down the exhaust to clear the top of the cabinet.

I do use a drill with a screwdriver end to unscrew things, but NOT to screw things in - that I do by hand.

It takes a bit longer to get things back in, but not much longer. Trouble is to line things up for the screws. Malcolm

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