Delay dim interior lights

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Installing a delay dim interior light in driver's side

Light is from a late ’80′s early ’90′s Golf/Jetta Carat/Wolfsburg models, looks like standard Vanagon interior light with some additional circuitry, (VW part number, 191947111 “interior light with delayed switch-off”). Get it with the connector, cut the wires on the donor about 4 inches long.

Stock driver's side interior light pries out. Cut the wires about 2" from light.

Very simple splicing: 2 red wires (power) on van to the light’s 2 reds, the 2 brown wires on van (ground) to matching 2 on the light, and the brown with white stripe on van (switched ground, door switch) to matching wire. Pictures below show butt connecters used.

Reinstall light. Its about a 6-8 second delay after the last door closes.

The bonus is that the delay works on all the lights and all the doors, slider, back hatch, pass. door (if you have door switches on slider and back hatch). Yup, just by installing that one light at driver’s position.

View of circuitry